Saturday, February 15, 2014

ನಾನೋಬ್ಬ Anarchist!!!!

Imagine a situation, a rogue country has attacked India, & Gen. Bikram Singh, COAS says, "Sorry, we are here to learn. We may have made some mistakes, but our intentions are good"
What if the Chief of Naval staff said, Let me first learn & them we will fight the enemies.

What if the Hon. Justices of Supreme Court of India said, we are anarchists?

Can you imagine the CEO of Infy sitting on a dharna??? because the American Embassy refused visas to his employees???

We expect high standards of performance from the Executive, the Judiciary, the Defence forces, teachers, lecturers, professors,  our hairdresser, tailor, even our kaam wali bai..........
We take extreme care when we select our kaam wali bai.

But then why do we elect & tolerate; untrained, uneducated, roguish, anarchists, criminals in the Legislature????? Why do we never ask their credentials, verify their credentials, their competence......... We blindly vote based on their glib talk, caste groupings, religion......... Why so? Any answers ppl?

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